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Part of my childhood was spent in Venezuela. What a beautiful country and what beautiful memories. When my friend, Alex, who now lives in Florida, asked that I recreate his favorite dessert ... I said yes right away.


I own a softcover cookbook that was given to me by my Venezuelan sister-in-law when I was last there in 1991. "Dulceria Criolla" by Emma de Barboza. I adapted this recipe from the original.



1 cup long-grain rice (rinsed a few times until water comes out clear)

2 cups water

6 cups of milk

1½ to 2 cups of sugar (start with 1½ cups - I found 2 cups to be a bit sweet)

½ teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

4 cinnamon sticks

cinnamon powder for dusting

For later: ¼ cup of coconut-flavored rum and ½ cup raisins



1. In a large pot put water and rice to boil stirring for about 8-10 minutes until water evaporates and rice has softened.

2. Add milk, cinnamon sticks and bring to boil; then add sugar and salt.

3. Lower heat and begin to simmer. Stir frequently so as not to clump. This took over an hour. Taste the consistency; if you want it softer, cook a bit longer. It all depends on your rice.

4. Let cool.

5. Take half of the rice and place it in a bowl for children and non-drinkers.

6. Meanwhile, place your raisins in rum to macerate (I put in microwave for about a minute - no more). Once your raisins have plumped, add to the rice and mix. Let cool. You may also add raisins with out the rum to the plain rice.

7. Plate and serve, sprinkling cinnamon powder over the rice pudding.






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Comment by Dali on September 23, 2010 at 10:47pm
Saludos Norma, yo también tengo esa mancha de Plátano que no podemos negar, y con mucho orgullo, aqui les comparto mi versión de la Receta según la aprendí de Mami, abrazos a todos!!!

Arroz con Dulce


2 1/2 tazas de arroz grano corto (agua para remojar el arroz que lo cubra completamente)
3 tazas de leche de coco
2 tazas de azúcar (ó menos, depende del gusto)
una pizca de sal
3 ó 4 rajas de canela
3 ó 4 clavos de especia
1/2 pulgadita de jengibre fresco
1 cdta. de vainilla
1/2 taza de pasas
canela en polvo (para espolvorear al final)


Remoja el arroz en agua por media hora antes de comenzar con la receta, para ablandarlo un poco. En una ollita pequeña calienta el agua con los clavos de especia , el jengibre y la canela hasta que el agua se oscurezca, cuela y reserva. Utilizando una olla grande o caldero, vierte 2 tazas de la leche de coco, (reservando una taza de las 3 tazas de leche de coco para más tarde), añade el agua de los clavos, jengibre y canela; la pizca de sal y la cdta. de vainilla. Cuele el arroz que tenía en agua y añadalo al caldero, revuelva y cocine a fuego lento, tapadito, hasta que este casi seco, entonces añades el azúcar, las pasas y la taza de leche de coco reservada, mueva y continúe cocinando a fuego lento, tapadito, revolviendo de vez en cuando hasta que el arroz este blandito y amelcochadito. Cuando esté listo, vierta en platitos o ramekins y espolvoree con la canela en polvo. Sirva calientito o frio, todo depende del gusto, espero que lo disfruten!!!

Nota: Para extraer la leche del coco necesitas dos cocos secos, a los que le extraes la pulpa del coco, la picas en pedazos pequeños, la puedes guayar o liquar con agua tibia para extraer las tres tazas de leche a la pulpa del coco, cuela utilizando un pedazo de cheesecloth para que obtengas sólo el líquido. Si no consigues cocos secos, puedes utilizar leche de coco enlatada sin endulzar)
Comment by Norma Torres on September 23, 2010 at 7:02pm
Tienes razon..mi mami usava clavos...me gustaria ver tu version. Recuerda..que soy de Puerto Rico y la mancha de platano siempre la cargo con mucho orgullo.
Comment by Dali on September 23, 2010 at 6:55pm
Muy rico y muy parecido al Arroz con dulce que hacemos en Puerto Rico, lo unico es que no ponemos las pasas en ron y si le añadimos algunos clavos de especias, muy rica tu versión, debo tratarla pronto, se me hace la boca agua, gracias por compartir
Comment by Rose Prieto on September 22, 2010 at 8:53am
Sounds amazing Norma...thanks for sharing! Rum-infused raisins, how fantastic! If you recall, I've been on a quest to perfect the "Cuban version" of this wonderful desert. Upon speaking to family members, I've been
"86-ing" the milk and white sugar, and substituting those ingredients with sweetened-condensed and evaporated milk in their place. The result is fabulously creamy! I love that there are so many variations! I can't wait to try the raisins and RUM! Thanks again Norma!
Comment by Norma Torres on September 21, 2010 at 12:20pm
I know I am from Mayaguez...My mom would make her version that was sticky and you could cut it in slices...I wish I had paid attention then..I miss her and her arroz con dulce... Let me have your recipe. I added the rum on my own and liked it....anything with rum is soo good.
Comment by Toñita Rivera on September 21, 2010 at 11:43am
I make Arroz con Dulce (that is how we call it in P.R.), but I have never thought of putting the raisins in rum. What a great idea, Norma! Next time I'll try that, thanks.

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