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Coconut Flan


1 can of condensed milk
1 can of coconut milk
5 whole eggs
1 cup of sugar
Coconut Flakes (sold in can, with or without sugar added)
A few drops of lime juice
A few drops of water


1. Blend the eggs together.
2. Add the 2 milks to the eggs, mixing with a hand blender if you have one.
3. Now you'll need a glass mold to prepare the caramel. Despite what you may have heard, this is NOT easy to pull off.
4. In a small fry pan at medium temperature, pour the sugar and 4-5 drops of lime juice.
5. Wet your hand and let 4-5 drops of water onto the pan.
6. Move the pan around until the sugar is totally melted and a deep golden color, not a brownish color, which means the sugar burned.
7. Pour the caramel into the mold and cover all its surface. Once the sugar settles and dries in the mold, add the mixture of eggs and the two milks.
8. Now it's ready for the oven. But not so fast. You'll need to set up a double-boiler by placing the mold inside another mold that will cover up to 3/4 of the sides of the egg/milk mixture.
9. Leave the double boiler in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
10. Check doneness by inserting a knife between the mold and the flan. If it slides out clean, the flan is done.
11. Once the mold has cooled, separate the flan from the sides of the mold with a knife.
12. Place it in the fridge or freezer so it can cool.
13. Flip the cold flan onto a large serving tray.
14. Decorate with coconut flakes.


Recipe courtesy of Hispanic Kitchen member Doreen Colondres

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